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Spread the words and do something if you care, or just delete this if you think it's junk.

What the f**k is SOPA?

SOPA - Stop Online Piracy Act is a new bill by a Republican Texas cowboy names Lamar Smith introduced to US house of Representatives in last October.

At first this sounds like a dreamy creamy harmless bill that has made to fight piracy easier. The cops and especially RIAA could sue/fine/jail your asses through your IP address(s) that logged in the pirate websites. However, it becomes an effective and powerful censoring weapon for US government. It essentially creates an internet blacklist in the US, where offending sites are no longer accessible by domain name.

- Block your domain name, essentially shutting off your site to US.
- Block your advertisers and payment processors.
- Block your search engine listings.

Read EFF latest article… about SOPA to know more dark sides of it.

This isn't a coincident, theis bill pushed up right after Wikileaks announced the Spy Files, which on US and/or Big Brother stalk your computer and such.

This isn't fighting piracy only but it's about human freedom. Freedom of expression. Freedom of sharing.

Bonus: WTF is SOPA

Why the f**k is this affecting you/me/everyone-on-the-net?

Perhaps most of you are not in US. Well think again. 89% of popular sites' servers are all located inside US. If all those sites suspended. Would you be happy, anymore?

Blocking IP address and then arrest the user(s) by justifying unclear actions is totally no tolerance, NONE.

You cannot use IP address for evidence. It could be poisoned IP. Could be proxy. Could be someone else and the pirate guy used it as their static IP. It could belong to anyone.

If SOPA bill passes, imagine your lovely Youtube videos are off the grid and you are under arrested for using copyrighted materials. No more Wikipedia, Google, Wordpress/BlogSpot/Joomla, MySpace, Facebook and much more online social sites because they all contain COPYRIGHTED materials. Companies are gonna have fun banning people.

The Capitalist 'Great Firewall'?

Great Firewall of China is made to control media and censor people. Surprise, it acts the same as SOPA. This is government censor ship. It undermines the security of the Internet and gives comfort to totalitarian regimes already doing the same thing.


Canada passed similar bill last November. It censored out almost all p2p systems I have known, included DropBox and 4shared. My IP is currently under blacklist due to my connection with warez groups. All I did is just make music for their prods, that's it. My sites are down for over 4 weeks now.

I have been a 'free culture' fighter for half of my life. Been a courier. Been a software cracker. Been a free musician. Been a free artist. Been a free programmer. I make stuff for free, with all my heart in it. I mod commercial software to make them better then re-release the mod patches for free (I hate glitch, stack-overflow and poorly GUI learning curve design).

Shit happens and sometime I need to accept it. But I never back down.

You block me, then I use proxies. You block proxies, I use VPN. You block everything I know then I shall find a way around. Because I won't give up my rights to have freedom.


hck112's Profile Picture
Thomas Lam
Artist | Student | Digital Art
Former squatter, left-wing anarchist, atheism, bedroom hacker/cryptographer and supporter of free culture movement.

List of my programs or collabed graphic programs with other people:

Real2.5D - C++ raytrayer
littlefract - C++ IFS generator
littlefractJava - Java version. (collab)
fx101Py - Python version of fx101 engine. (collab)

Recent working projects:

Multi-Reversible Procedural Algorithm (beta tester)
Ddos/flood scripts for Cyb3rKn1ght5
Portable SQL/XSS injector. (unnamed)
ASM/C/Python virus mutator with h33t (release on

Current Residence: Canada
Favourite style of art: Fractal, Digital painting
Operating System: Window 2000, 7, ArchLinux, Backtrack, Ubuntu Studio
Wallpaper of choice: anything cool but dark...

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